January 2015

Captaine Zachariah , Master of the Bizarrium


Having, I hope, finally dealt with the malware monster running amok in my computer, may I finally introduce Captaine Zachariah, our very own ringmaster & proud inheritor of tradition.

A Meander into Journal-land (Part One)

As part of the New Year madness, yours truly decided to partake in a year-long excursion into art journalling.  The notion had always appealed to me, but it never quite rose far enough up the "to-do" list when competing with brides, stage shows & children for attention.  But 2015 is the year in which I shall focus on my artwork, & journalling seems like an excellent route back into the necessary mindset.

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In which we meet Several Anthropomorphic Ringmasters

In further pursuit of ringmaster-themed inspiration this week, my thoughts have strayed along anthropomorphic lines.  There are certain species which seem to fit the role of authoritative circus leader better than others, of course.