February 2015

A Meander into Journal-land (Part Two)

Once more unto the journal, dear friends, once more....

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The Last of the Ringmasters.....Perchance

The success of my first mini-figure homage to Gerard Way in his Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge guise (simple black suit, red tie and some seriously emo maquillage) led to exploring alternative personae and especially The Black Parade.

(Artwork by James Jean)

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Further Adventures in Journalling

The latest prompt from "Journal 52" was Silhouettes. Whereas many of my fellow artists have found that summons up visions of sunset-backed woodland or candle-lit lovers, I fear the first thing that sprang to my mind was the classic picture of Jack the Ripper looming out of the swirling Victorian fog.  Too much melodrama and film noire fills my head!