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The Last of the Ringmasters.....Perchance

The success of my first mini-figure homage to Gerard Way in his Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge guise (simple black suit, red tie and some seriously emo maquillage) led to exploring alternative personae and especially The Black Parade.

(Artwork by James Jean)

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Captaine Zachariah , Master of the Bizarrium


Having, I hope, finally dealt with the malware monster running amok in my computer, may I finally introduce Captaine Zachariah, our very own ringmaster & proud inheritor of tradition.

In which we meet Several Anthropomorphic Ringmasters

In further pursuit of ringmaster-themed inspiration this week, my thoughts have strayed along anthropomorphic lines.  There are certain species which seem to fit the role of authoritative circus leader better than others, of course.

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