Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile

Item Description

A handmade, painted doll almost as beautiful as Cleopatra herself.
Gold-toned skin and jet-black silken hair frame violet eyes in tribute to Elizabeth Taylor's version of the Egyptian Queen, but there the resemblance ends - no outrageous '60s-style costuming here. This Cleo is clad in a shift of ivory silk with an overskirt and collar of glass beads fit for royalty.

She stands approx. 13" (33cm) tall, with hip joints which will allow her to sit, plus movable arms. 
Two layers of gesso, several of acrylic paint, details added in ink and pencil before a final oil glaze give Cleo a unique and suitably rich finish.
Although she is assembled with sturdy linen thread, she is not suitable for rough play and will be happiest keeping a regal eye upon you from a safe shelf or mantlepiece.

Reserved for Jacquie - please message me if you would like to discuss a similar piece for yourself.

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