Fennella, Circus Babe

Item Description

Miss Fennella is one of the burlesque performers here at the Bizarrium - or artiste, as she prefers to be called.  For Miss F. is, it should be said, quite sure of herself and will stand no nonsense from hecklers or roustabouts; her retorts would put Mae West to shame.

But if you are looking for a vision of befeathered loveliness to complete your life, then look no further.  Miss Fennella will be perfectly well-behaved when seated atop your bookshelf, or displayed upon your gallery wall (as long as she is duly adored).

Fennella is a one-of-a-kind creation, hand-stitched and painted.  She stands 13" tall, her red hair in bunches and adorned with crimson and black feathers.  Her lace and tulle tutu has a waistband of gold fringe, and she boasts a shrug of finest black maribou.

Her arms are stitched in place through mother-of-pearl buttons, which mean that Miss F is not suitable for small children.

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