Handpainted Circus Art Doll - The Bearded Lady

Item Description

Hellige Vartez is a handmade circus doll, crafted from an original Itinerant Bizarrium pattern. She is a bead & button jointed fabric doll standing 16" (40.5cm) tall, with six layers of paint giving her a unique texture and distinctive look. She wears a black tulle stole over her hair and shoulders, & a double-layer lace skirt adorned with a vintage shepherdess pendant.

An heirloom-quality doll, Hellige will add a touch of bygone carnival glamour to your life.  She is perfectly at home perched upon a bookshelf (snuggling up to "The Night Circus" or "Something Wicked" perhaps?) or hanging on a wall from the brass ring on her back.

The Itinerant Bizarrium is my realm of goth-tinged character dolls, each handmade by me from start to finish.  No two can ever be quite alike, having hand-painted faces & being clad in unrepeatable vintage finds.

Hellige Vartez will travel to you in her specially-decorated, gift-ready box along with her own personal zine.



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