Hippolyta Witt, Equestrienne Doll

Item Description

Hippolyta emerges only after sunset, opalescent skin and bone-white hair quite radiant in the moonlight. From her caravan of silver birch & white linen, she crosses the Itinerant Bizarrium’s camp to the stables in search of her steed.

Some minutes spent forehead-to-muzzle with her beloved Vargatte, synchronising their very heartbeats before she elegantly leaps atop her splendidly striped mount. A turn or two around the midway, delicately picking their way amongst the milling crowds, before they turn... and picking up speed, burst through the spangled curtains at a gallop. Hippolyta is a mere blur of flying lace & satin as she twists & turns, poses & pirouettes upon her zebra’s back. Porcelain fragility fades away as she embodies the spirit of her Amazonian namesake; ascending a ramp to a gallery far above the earth, their death-defying leaps & heart-stopping peril suck the very air from the lungs of the enchanted audience.

Standing approx. 14" (36cm) tall, Hippolyta is made of cotton coated with several layers of paint; details were added using pastels, pencil and ink.  She is jointed at shoulder & hip, so can sit most decorously upon a shelf (although all joints and clothing have been stitched with strong thread, please do not give her to small children)

She wears a maribou shrug atop a skirt of many tiers of antique lace; her curtain of white hair is crowned with a fascinator of tulle, lace and vintage jewellery.

Hippolyta will travel to you in a one-of-a-kind box along with an A4 print of her portrait & a handwritten copy of her backstory.




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