Rowenna, Circus Babe

Item Description

Allow me to introduce Rowenna, a rather flirtatious little miss who loves nothing better than to pirouette atop a prancing white stallion.  Imagine how those feathers sway as she gallops around the ring, perfectly balanced upon one graceful toe.

And imagine, too, how beautiful she would look perched atop your very own mantlepiece, or displayed on a wall in her own gilded frame.  For she can indeed be yours to cherish.

Rowennais a one-of-a-kind creation, hand-stitched and -painted.  She stands almost 14" tall, her mane of dove grey hair adorned with a 3 1/2" plume of cherry and ecru feathers with a golden tassel for good measure.  Her tutu made of three tiers of lace, including one copper, one black and a topping of genuinely antique cream lace.

Her arms are stitched in place through mother-of-pearl buttons, which mean that Rowenna is not suitable for small children.

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