Somber Alice

Somber Alice


Clad in navy blue broderie anglais trimmed with vintage lace, an equally vintage embroidered apron fastened about her tiny waist with lavender satin ribbon, Somber Alice nonetheless hints at a lighter side with her lovely lace petticoat & broderie bloomers, as do her tumbling violaceous locks.

Seemingly quieter & more thoughtful than her sister, the toothsome Sweet Alice, this little lady is not by any means morose, but simply more in touch with her reflective side.  She likes to sit and ponder upon the meaning of words - especially new ones discovered in her nightly excursions to the library.  Currently she favours "thaumaturgy" & "hypogean".

Once the moon rises, she likes to sit in her window watching the moonshadows cross the lawns & wait for the slight, shadowy figures of her friends to emerge...

Alice stands 18 1/2" (47cm) tall & is entirely made of vintage fabrics (bar her fabulous hair which is pure wool sourced from a farm in Cornwall), dipped in dyes brewed with plants from my own garden - including yew (not toxic after a good rinse, but I still would not recommend licking her!), since its ancient associations with the underworld seem appropriate for a girl venturing down a rabbit hole.