Steampunk Personae - The Cast of The Bizarrium Express Pt.1


Among the first of my paper theatres to be released is the steampunk-tinged Bizarrium Express with its complement of questionable characters. 

Let me introduce some of them:

Lord Wylliam Fitzcary & Florence

Explorer extraordinaire currently missing somewhere beyond the final halt of the Bizarrium Express.  Last seen with Florence, the multilingual talking owl, heading for a top secret location to rendezvous with... Well, therein lies the mystery.  Rumours abound that he was about to sell his completed map of the Wild Woods to the highest bidder.  Truth or slander?

Kiki Saalo

Kiki's husband, legendary balloonist Mikkel, was lost on a flight testing the accuracy of one of Lord Wylliam's new charts.  Since his (presumed) death, Kiki has been seeking passage to the area in order to begin her own search.  Does she also seek revenge upon the creator of the misguiding map?


Sir Willoughby Fforde

Sir Willoughby is uncle to our mislaid map-maker, & as such has been tasked by the family to locate Lord Wylliam.  Of course, if the scion is not brought safely home then Willoughby himself becomes heir to a considerable fortune.  Do mercenary motives or familial loyalty lurk behind the goggles?

Edouard Blanchette

Ah Edouard, darling of the society pages, whose exploits put Errol Flynn to shame.  Although Lord Wylliam is, in truth, a competitor for patrons, Edouard does not recognise him as a serious threat to his own position as hero-du-jour.  And so he sets out with every intention of rescuing the lost cartographer.  But will his liaison with Kiki subvert his good nature?

So there you have it, a taste of life aboard the train as it heads into the forest.  More next time....