The land upon which we walk, our own acre of the planet, is beyond precious. Treating it with care and respect is central to my work with the Itinerant Bizarrium. How my pieces are made, the tools and materials used, the distances covered, are considered each and every day as I strive to learn and become more planet-friendly.



The vast majority of my fabrics are recycled, both as an ethical choice and as an excuse to revel  in the textures of antique lace, old velvets and battered satins. When new yardage must be bought, my first choice is European-produced linen, followed by GOTS-certified cotton, and most figures are filled with either locally-sourced wool or waste from weaving mills. There are more facts and figures here - The Ethical Minefield of Fibres


Billy & Bobby, my local wool source



My toolkit is filled with items built to last, and I prioritise small companies with a commitment to their people and communities. Several of my choices are explained here - Tools of the Trade


My English-made, built-to-last shears



The actual creation of my work is as environmentally-friendly as I can make it.  Most of my stitching is done by hand, dyes are brewed from local plants, and everything is air-dried, although it does make the orchard look a tad strange sometimes!


Taking advantage of a little winter sunshine



At the heart of it all is a desire to combat the disposable society, to make ethical choices myself, encourage others to do likewise, and create work which will not itself be sent to the dread landfill but rather be passed on as an heirloom, gathering memories and character along the way.

I would love you to join me on the journey.