Tales of the Circus - Daskarzine


Daskarzine had seen much of the world before she ever joined the Itinerant Bizarrium, for she was once a rather successful singer.  From fjord-rooted folkie she grew to be a musician of international repute, although of course her name was entirely different back then. She  toured many countries on many continents, from Andorra to Antigua, Venezuela to Vanuatu seducing young & old alike with the ethereal beauty of her voice. Indeed she was known on occasion to move hard-bitten government leaders to tears (although they were careful to leave her concerts by a well-hidden side door to prevent their damp eyes being spotted by the vultures of the press).




one steamy September night in a Marseilles hotel there was...an incident involving a saxaphone player & a pearl-handled pistol.

Daskarzine will say no more about it.

From that night on, however, she has travelled under a new name & has perfected a new act which does not require her to sing a single note. (Rumour amongst the caravans has it that the merest glimpse of sheet music or distant strain of a saxophone causes poor Daskarzine to see once more the blood-splatter, hear once more the sirens, & fall into a dead faint.)



If the Bizarrium ever approaches French borders she is certain to find herself indisposed, curiously unable to leave her chamber until another nation is visible through the shutters.

We choose not to pry.