Amandine - Faerie Mistress of the Gavotte

Amandine - Faerie Mistress of the Gavotte


Some think her a shade haughty, but on dancing nights Amandine sheds all inhibitions & flings herself into the gavotte with utter abandon. 'Tis fortunate we have come across her early in the proceedings, as her hair is unlikely to be so pristine, or her hems so un-tattered by the end of the evening.

On one famous occasion, she became so carried away that she flew to the top of Big Ben & performed a series of intricate arabesques along the hands of the clock overlooking the river. Why - anyone could have seen her!  But the risk adds to the pleasure, don't you find?

For this evening's extravaganza, she wears a dress of embroidered tulle over skirts of finest ivory (her embroidered bloomers may indeed be glimpsed through them). Her wrists are wrapped in vintage black lace while a golden belt is fastened with sparkling black jewels.

Standing 16" (42cm) tall, & 7"(19cm) from wingtip to wingtip, Amandine is entirely handstitched from recycled fabrics & trims, with wings of brass wire & resin.