Paper Theatre Kit - Steampunk

Paper Theatre Kit - Steampunk


All aboard the Bizarrium Express bound for pastures...strange. (Well, did you really expect a daytrip to Adlestrop?)

No bucolic English villages awash with thatch & roses for these adventurers, no dreaming spires or dabbling ducks. No, they are inaugural guests upon a new line, a track following the trail blazed through the wild woods by intrepid explorer Lord Wylliam Fitzcary, who is now - sadly, & somewhat suspiciously - missing.

This kit consists of theatre elements printed upon 6 sheets of sturdy A4 card, complete with building instructions & a list of characters with a mini plot line which you may choose to follow, or not.  The most important thing is to enjoy the playing.

The delivered item will not be emblazoned with "iB" watermarks.

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