Paper Theatre Kit - Christmas 2022

Paper Theatre Kit - Christmas 2022


'Tis the season for rejoicing - in distant cottages the tables creak beneath mountains of soon-to-be-peeled potatoes & newly-stuffed gamebirds.  The scent of freshly felled fir trees & hot spiced wine fills every room.

But out in the snowy fields, just far enough away for the villagers not to spy them, rehearsals are underway.  Tomorrow night will see our thespian friends perform for none other than Prince Rudolph himself, heir to the Imperial Ruby Throne...

This kit consists of theatre elements printed upon 6 sheets of sturdy A4 card, complete with building instructions & a list of characters with a mini plot line which you may choose to follow, or not.  The most important thing is to enjoy the playing.

The delivered item will not be emblazoned with "iB" watermarks.