January 2018

The Project of a Hundred Faces Continues....

If you recall, I began a project with the New Year - a plan to draw one hundred faces, fifteen minutes each, on artist trading cards.  And whilst I am not managing to create one each day, there is progress to report.

And so here they are, in order of creation, the seven faces which have emerged from my pens in the last two weeks.  All are a combination of Tombow and Elegant Writer watersoluble pens:







Reading for Persistent Resistors

Before I get into anything else, may I take a moment to congratulate a friend on finding THE best thing for a left-leaning queen to wear on the Womens' March in NYC:

Even though I am not a Cher fan, this makes me smile a lot.  Thank you, Thom.

On the book front, I have been dipping into a few feminist volumes of late.  By far the prettiest must be "Literary Witches".

Faces, faces, faces....the first of 100 Faces

Do you partake of the New Year's resolution? This year I was inspired by  by an article in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine which rounded up a veritable banquet of 365- and 100-day projects, and which over-rode my usual aversion to the New Year thing.

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Behind the Theatrical Scenes

Having been a costumer designer for more time than I care to admit (very well...this is my third decade), I forget that people are actually interested in what goes on behind the scenes of a production.  However, the actors in my current piece have been sharing snaps on various media precisely because folk are taken by that glimpse behind the curtain....which got me thinking that perhaps I should share my process, such as it is, too.