The Itinerant Bizarrium is an escape route, my way to add a touch of eccentricity, intrigue and reverie to your everyday world by opening a door into a magical alternative.

Combining a host of influences - Angela Carter, Nick Cave, Botticelli, John Galliano, Gustav Moreau, Christopher Marlowe, Sarah Waters, and oh so many more* - with my background in theatre design, these are folk with a sense of history.  They inhabit a world of literary characters, archetypes, icons, goddesses and good old-fashioned freaks.

The dolls are made of cloth which is given many, many coats of paint - gesso, acrylics and an oil glaze before finishing with matte varnish - producing an appearance akin to wood, but a feel closer to leather.  They are clothed in largely vintage fabrics and trims - treasures hoarded away during my years of costuming - which I hope adds to their sense of being heirlooms from an alternative universe.

Many of the characters appear via a tortuous development route - first an annotated collage spread in one of my themed journals, then a "portrait" paintings before finally making their 3D appearance. Watercolours have always been my medium of choice for design sketches - in more "finished" pieces I often add graphite, ink, pastels, and even stitching.  Traditional paper has given way to canvas as my preferred surface - I love its distinctive texture which reminds me of the grain of old film.

In the real world, having tired of the bright lights of Los Angeles, I now live with my three handsome sons in a barn on the edge of the beautiful Somerset levels.  Not forgetting Miss Fifi, the calico cat, and Steve the chicken.



* I could not resist adding to the list of influential artists/writers/musicians/shows : Anton Chekov, Jane's Addiction, Alexander McQueen, Carnivale, Edgar Allan Poe, Daphne du Maurier, Guillermo del Toro, the X Files, Edward Gorey....

Please do let me know who you think I need to know about & might add to the list.