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Developing New Dolls - and a Whole Host of Questions

Although the Bizarrium already includes a set of paper dolls featuring the characters of the circus itself, I have for some time been contemplating another group - this time focussing on women both famous and infamous.  I am thinking of a basic body for each set, with outfits for six or eight icons within each theme.

The first group is just underway, with this body:

Still work-in-progress (the face is yet to be finished, down-scaled and attached to the neck), and I am wondering whether I should have added underwear? Your thoughts?

This collection will be of historical icons :

Reworking the Twins

Bing the mother of identical twins, I find the whole topic of twins quite fascinating.  Often, of course, it is used as a cheap "get-out" for thriller plots (spoiler alert: have you seen The Prestige? A fine film ruined by a lazy reveal).  But I do see an odd connection between my boys on a regular basis.


Madalena has been dwelling at Miss Delilah's for some time now; it is very nearly two years since she was deposited by taxi at the end of the drive, where she sat upon her steamer trunk for an entire morning before Henry the gardener spotted her on his way home for lunch.

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Captaine Zachariah , Master of the Bizarrium


Having, I hope, finally dealt with the malware monster running amok in my computer, may I finally introduce Captaine Zachariah, our very own ringmaster & proud inheritor of tradition.

Bombadil von Rammstein Makes an Appearance


At last...some signs of progress with the Itinerant Bizarrium!  Although this is just a draft, with considerable work still to do, I am quite pleased with the look of the thing.  Especially considering that I had no knowledge of Photoshop at all two months ago.  My thanks, therefore, to the ever-patient Steve Cox for teaching me.

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The Emergence of Madame Othale

One of the first characters to arrive on the scene in Nether Thrubwell has been the Bizarrium fortune teller.  Initially she was a fairly traditional gypsy....


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