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Reworking the Twins

Bing the mother of identical twins, I find the whole topic of twins quite fascinating.  Often, of course, it is used as a cheap "get-out" for thriller plots (spoiler alert: have you seen The Prestige? A fine film ruined by a lazy reveal).  But I do see an odd connection between my boys on a regular basis.

Captaine Zachariah , Master of the Bizarrium


Having, I hope, finally dealt with the malware monster running amok in my computer, may I finally introduce Captaine Zachariah, our very own ringmaster & proud inheritor of tradition.

Bombadil von Rammstein Makes an Appearance


At last...some signs of progress with the Itinerant Bizarrium!  Although this is just a draft, with considerable work still to do, I am quite pleased with the look of the thing.  Especially considering that I had no knowledge of Photoshop at all two months ago.  My thanks, therefore, to the ever-patient Steve Cox for teaching me.

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The Emergence of Madame Othale

One of the first characters to arrive on the scene in Nether Thrubwell has been the Bizarrium fortune teller.  Initially she was a fairly traditional gypsy....


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