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A Meander into Journal-land (Part Two)

Once more unto the journal, dear friends, once more....

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Further Adventures in Journalling

The latest prompt from "Journal 52" was Silhouettes. Whereas many of my fellow artists have found that summons up visions of sunset-backed woodland or candle-lit lovers, I fear the first thing that sprang to my mind was the classic picture of Jack the Ripper looming out of the swirling Victorian fog.  Too much melodrama and film noire fills my head!

A Meander into Journal-land (Part One)

As part of the New Year madness, yours truly decided to partake in a year-long excursion into art journalling.  The notion had always appealed to me, but it never quite rose far enough up the "to-do" list when competing with brides, stage shows & children for attention.  But 2015 is the year in which I shall focus on my artwork, & journalling seems like an excellent route back into the necessary mindset.

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