Eladrin Cervus

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Eladrin cuts quite the dashing figure as he patrols his woodland, master of all he surveys.  But do not be afeared, my friend, for he is a benevolent ruler whose main concern is to ensure that even the smallest creatures - the dormice, the wrens, even the black beetles - are safe and well fed.  Only those who mistreat the creatures under his protection need worry about the use he might make of those impressive antlers.

He is a painted cloth doll standing 19 1/2" (49cm) tall, with antlers spreading 10" (25.5cm).  Jointed at shoulder and hip, he can sit upon a shelf, or he can hang upon a wall using the brass ring stitched to the back of his neck.  The antlers are made of wire and hence he is unsuitable for small children.





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