Milly and Molly, Thoroughly Modern Twins

Item Description

Milly and Molly are conjoined twins, thoroughly modern misses wholeheartedly embracing the Jazz Age.  Worshipping Zelda Fitzgerald, they have bobbed their hair and thrown away their corset, perfected their Charleston and even flirted with typing lessons.  The advantage of being able to read and look at the keyboard simultaneously made them a star at secretarial college, and has won them their very first job - as Nether Thrubwell's village postmistress.

Standing 17" (43cm) tall, Milly and Molly are a hand-painted, bead & button jointed fabric circus freak doll . They wear a cream-&-blue striped cotton skirt trimmed with ecru lace & red ribbon, and palest blue velvet ribbon chokers each adorned with a piece of polished shell and red glass bead. Unable to decide upon ownership of the splendid vintage felt flower, they wear it jointly upon a lace headband.
Whilst their limbs and clothing are stitched in place with strong linen thread, they are not recommended for very small children.

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