Minna del Uccelli, Birdwoman Doll

Item Description

As is sadly too often the case for alluring freaks, Minna del Uccelli was stolen away from her family in the dead of night in order to spend her formative years at the mercy of a decadent aristocrat. The marquis allowed her to venture beyond the confines of her tower room only on evenings when she was to perform before his boggle-eyes cronies wearing nothing but jewels & feathers in her hair. No-one quite believed his only reason was to ensure all could see that her wings were not mere costume.

Eventually escaping with the help of an outraged matron, Minna battled her way through a snowy descent from the Haute Savoie before flying by night across the continent in search of safe haven. A chance encounter with Captaine Zachariah mere moments before she crossed the threshold of a particularly notorious Amsterdam brothel brought security at last in the embrace of the Itinerant Bizarrium.

Now Minna is as devoted to the Captaine & his crew as any nun to her pantheon of saints.

Standing just over 14" (36cm) tall & 12" (30cm) from wingtip to wingtip, Minna certainly makes her presence known.  She is jointed at shoulder and hip, so can perch nicely upon a shelf.

Her body is made of painted cloth, and she wears a skirt and stockings of vintage lace, glass bead jewellery, and a splendid pair of jay wings.

Although sturdy linen thread was used to assemble Miss Minna, she is not suitable for younger children but rather intended as a display piece.



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