Selena Cosmia, Contortionist Extraordinaire

Item Description

Found as a baby abandoned at an unmarked crossroad in the foothills of the Peloritani Mountains and taken into the warm embrace of Captaine Zachariah's travelling tribe, Selena Cosmia has known no life beyond the magical bounds of the Itinerant Bizarrium.  Her promise as a unique performer was initially put to excellent use upon the flying trapeze, but of recent years she has preferred to get a little closer to her many admirers.  Selena likes to observe their amazement as she wraps her several limbs into unnatural positions, holding their gaze as she spins slowly from a single silken thread.

Standing 16 1/2" (42cm) tall, Selena Cosmia is a hand-painted, bead & button jointed fabric circus freak doll.  She wears a tutu of black web-like tulle plus a necklace of silver-toned metal and blood-red beads.  Whilst her limbs and clothes are stitched in place with strong linen thread, she is not recommended as a plaything.  The brass ring at the nape of her neck does mean she can be displayed as a piece of artwork, or she will sit most decorously upon a shelf.



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