Sybilla, Circus Babe

Item Description

Oh my, Sybilla is a wild one!  Times beyond number, Capitaine Zachariah has tried to stop her walking along the lighting cables which crisscross the midway, but to no avail.  Neither can she be dissuaded from scaling the frame of the ferris wheel to perform handstands upon the cold metal rails, or swinging like a tutu-clad Tarzan between tents.

She has a fine head for heights beneath that mane of turquoise hair, so Miss Sybilla will be perfectly at home perched upon the highest of picture rails or even sat on the outstretched arms of a chandelier.  Imagine, if you will, how beautiful she would look perched upon your mantelpiece....

Sybilla is a one-of-a-kind creation, hand-stitched and painted.  She stands just over 13" tall, her mane of deep turquoise hair adorned with a 3" high spray of taupe and black feathers.  Her tutu is made of three tiers of lace, and she carries her golden climbing rope with her, just in case the opportunity arises....

Her arms are stitched in place through mother-of-pearl buttons, which mean that Sybilla is not suitable for small children.

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